Connecting with Hearts and Impacting Lives

We are a “Strategic Leadership Guidance” Company.

Why should you call us?  Well, for one; Brandon, our founder and leader, is a Business and Life Strategist whose experience has instilled within him an understanding, unlike many.  He sees through the rubble and understands your dilemma and the struggles you face.  Do you want to remain the same or rise above your current state?  If you desire the latter; then, you should call us.  We – together, with you – help you uncover the troubled excess that has piled up and discover the real, root cause; the issue that’s holding you back and keeping you in a funk.

Then, we work with you to map a relevant plan that’s practical and which helps to set your feet on the path to success; to healing, to excellence and promotion.


Mission Statement

We help you, our client, to experience your impactful, productive, and meaningful life.

To help each client and those we touch to know a better more fulfilling life through experience.  We do this through a process we like to call: LIFE Evals.

We want to connect with you and help you to discover your inner strength and sustenance, while, setting your heart and feet on the right path.



Vision Statement

TOGETHER, to help one another to grow into better neighborhoods and real communities for ALL.

Honestly, we love being an instrument in His hands.

Thus, we desire to be one of the few you look for, to help set you in the right and grow you into the best of you.

We instill within you the guidance and inspiration, helping you to run your race, providing you the means to fuel yourself, to grow into and to sustain the life you desire.  Together, we work with you to help you produce, to live out that life you long to know and experience.

TOGETHER, Let’s Grow Into The People We Desire to Be; Producing Better Neighborhoods and Real Communities for ALL.

Call Us, TODAY!

I mean, why waste another day or hour living in the mundane?!  Let us help you to know the better life that awaits you.




Is Our Foundation and Guide

It is…

Our Foundation

In that it is: What we stand on and it’s what keeps us standing.

Moreover, it empowers us to move forward, and outward, to be excellent stewards in all forms of His goodness which He has entrusted to us.


Our Guide

In that it is: The compass that provides sound direction showing, and leading, us to do what is right.

In addition, it helps us to wade through those difficult times when the right path is not, so, clear.

Integrity is our guide, granting us the inner peace and clear conscience, to move forward, trusting HIM for what is to come.



Are Representatives of Who We Are


We believe that those we don’t know are, simply, people we haven’t met.

We understand that:

“Strangers” are what our friends once were.



We are considerate of others.

While, we don’t look to offend; we understand there will be instances when we do.  The mere fact that others will not always agree with our decisions or our stance; inevitably, means some will be offended.

Yet, that is not our aim.  Instead, we are considerate and empathetic.



Are The Heartbeat of Who We Are and The Work We Do


We understand that serving is not something we, merely, do.  Instead, it is a way of life; being an outerflow of who we are.

Furthermore, we know the joy of being fruitful (producing through service).  Therefore, we love to contribute and help our communities and the lives, therein, to be better and more wholesome in peace and production – for good.


We understand that whatever we do – no matter how small or large – each approachattitude, and action compounds to bring forth larger and more lasting consequences.

Thus, our work is entrenched in the greater mission to help each of you; we want our association with you to be one that is indicative of mutual respecta fun camaraderie, and beneficial for ALL.

In Addition, Brandon is a Professional Speaker and the Show Host of Insights 2 Incite which airs “live” each Thursday, 12 PM (Eastern) on W4CY Radio and Talk 4 TV.  Access the Insights 2 Incite TV Channel right here.

The messages Brandon presents; whether they be on his show or when he is called upon to speak, are described as…

Insightful, Thought-Provoking, Inspiring, Challenging, Eye-Opening, Emotionally Moving

Others have described his presentations as being…

  • Filled with In-Depth Truths that are Articulated in such a way that they are Understandable and People Grasp The Message
  • Saturated with Insightful, Practical Truths
  • Somewhat Unique and Very Impactful

For more information about Brandon’s presentations and programs, as well as, his messages; see what others have said.

You can access these testimonies by scrolling half way down the Home Page to ENDORSEMENTS.

Connect and Impact

Our PASSION is: Life Influence

Our HEART is: Real, Genuine, & Loyal

Is Yours?

We Are: Extraordinarily SIMPLE


Serve to Share

Impact to Inform

Motivate to Manufacture

Provide to Prosper

Lead to Live

Expect to Expand

And, You?

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It’s Brandon, here; call me or send me an email. Let’s Connect and Impact ourselves and the world around us! Reach out to me or send/ leave me a message; I will follow-up with you – Brandon Lawson, 513.708.1517

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