Speak Life into your people

Speak Life into Your People

It’s Brandon Lawson, here! Are you seeking a Speaker to “Speak Life” into Your People?

How about a Life Coach to “Guide You and Help You Find Direction”?

If so; then, look no further!

As Your Speaker:

I Will “Inspire and Motivate” You!  I “Empathize with” and “Relate to” My Audience, All The While, Teaching Them and Inciting Them to Action!


As Your Coach:

My expertise in understanding you and your tendencies – as well as, the nature of how we, as humans, relate to one another – will help you to discover your answers.


By listening to you and empathizing with you; I guide you into a better understanding of yourself and a clearer perception of your issues and inhibitions.  In turn, you will break the chains and shatter the strongholds that are limiting you.


From this:

You will rise up with newfound confidence and strength, propelling yourself forward, moving into the next level of success and significance; preparing you for the Better, Brighter, BOLDER, More Blessed Life that awaits you!


I’m Here For: YOU!


Let’s Come Together!



Your Need Is A Speaker:

Who Understands and Relates to You, while, Inspiring and Motivating You and Your Team, Empowering You to OverAchieve and Enter Into Greatness




Your Need Is A Life Coach:

Who Will Help You to Experience Breakthroughs,

In Order, to BE Who You Are Called to BE


Truly, LIVE A Powerful Life of Significance and Enjoyment




I Possess A Vast Array of Knowledge from, both, Insights and Experience!


I Desire to Utilize What I Know and Have to Help Grow You and Show You The Better, More Fulfilled Life that Awaits You!!!

I, Brandon Lawson, Your Speaker and Your Life Coach

Reach Out to Me, TODAY, for a FREE Consultation!

Find me, at: connectandimpact.net


Reach me, directly, by phone or email and leave a detailed message:

Ph: 513.520.7597


EM: brandon@connectandimpact.net

I LOOK FORWARD to Speaking With You, To You, and For You. Let’s, Together, CONNECT & IMPACT Our Lives For: LIFE!!! (Light, Influence, Future, Enhancement) – Brandon Lawson

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